Stray Horn


Excerpt of Kenner on Firing Line

A tiny moment but I’ve only heard Kenner’s voice twice. 

NET film / Olson  1/2


By 1650 Poussin’s hands were shaking so badly he was painting through the tremors; in spite of his affliction the surface of the lake at the center of Pyramus is smooth as glass.’

       - Susan Howe, “The Disappearance Approach” in THAT THIS


'Like Ty Cobb walking in goldenrod by the Saluda, / ….. citizens / Naked as lizards conversing among the hot wrens…'

      - Guy Davenport, out of Flowers and Leaves


'A little / water / falls.'

                        - Creeley, “For Marisol”, In London

Cassavettes, Falk, Gazzara

from Nashville



3 minutes of pure, uncut cinematic bliss. 

what a song, and what a singer. 

interviewing Ms. Blakley tomorrow morning in advance of The Criterion Collection’s upcoming dvd / blu-ray of NASHVILLE. unusually nervous about it. 

(fun Criterion trivia: Blakley was briefly married to Wim Wenders in the late 70s / early 80s. they collaborated on Wenders’ tribute film to Nicholas Ray, and Wenders appears in the new film written & directed by Blakley, “Of One Blood”). 

(Source: thedeathoffilm)

'So I immediately turn away if someone says, “I'm going to spiritually improve you, here's a little enlightenment.” I say, “No, no, I'll take a little endarkenment and in my poetry you find me.”'

   - Robert Duncan 

Peter O'Leary to read at Duke Nov. 6th, 8 pm

'“Something of Jesuit paleontologist and mystic’s convictions about the noospheric phosphorescence of thought, as well as some serious mythopoeic, mycophilic revelation,” wrote Peter O’Leary in an e-mailwhen asked what he hoped to provide to the Duke community.’